ucla swing dance club


We also provide donation-based workshops several times throughout each quarter!
These workshops would not be possible without the help of the local swing dance community
and we are incredibly grateful to the wonderful instructors who donate their time to us.

We wish to give a special thank you to our past and current volunteer external instructors:
Andrew Jose
Marie-Marie Jose
Christin Neary
Gordon Digga-Dang
Kelly Young
Ted Stanley
Special Delivery Stomp
We thank you for your time, teaching, and continued support!

Winter 2020: Aerials Workshop with Special Delivery Stomp

Winter 2020: Balboa Variations with Christin Neary and Gordon Digga-Dang

Winter 2020: Balboa Crash Course 2.0 with Leah Phillips

Fall 2019: Balboa Crash Course 1.0 with Leah Phillips

Fall 2019: Swing-Out Variations with Andrew Jose and Kelly Young