ucla swing dance club


We've compiled a list of swing dance clips and films for you to enjoy!

Swing Dance Clips Only
(full film not readily available online)
Twice Blessed 1945
Carefree 1938
The Spirit Moves (1)   The Spirit Moves (2)   1987 compilation
After Seben 1929 (short film)
A Song Is Born 1948

Clips and Free Film
Hellzapoppin'   Clip   Full Film 1941
Keep Punching   Clip   Full Film 1939
Ride 'Em Cowboy   Clip   Full Film 1942

Clips and Paid Film
Stormy Weather   Clip   Full Film 1943

Free Film
Swing Time 1936
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round 1937
Swing High, Swing Low 1937
Swing! 1938
College Swing 1938
Second Chorus 1940
Sunday Sinners 1940
Among the Living 1941
A Lady Takes a Chance 1943
This Joint Is Jumpin' 2000
Dancing the Big Apple 2009

Paid Film
A Night at the Opera 1935
Follow the Fleet 1936
Shall We Dance 1937
Ship Ahoy 1942
Holiday Inn 1942
Presenting Lily Mars 1943
Higher and Higher 1943
Swing Kids 1993
Swing 1999


The UCLA Swing Dance Club board has not personally viewed all films listed here
and do not claim to endorse any of the beliefs presented in these films,
nor do we advocate for the use of any particular streaming service over another.
All films and clips are merely provided in the most cost-effective and high-quality manner possible.
Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.