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We provide free weekly lessons every Monday!
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Leah Phillips

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Hunter Gawboy


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Here are some of our recap videos:

Spring 2020
Due to the spread of COVID-19, our spring quarter is entirely virtual!
Please see the Master List of videos and online resources.

Spring 2020, Week 2: Leah's Solo Jazz Choreography

Winter 2020, Week 9: Swivels and Swing-Out Variations

Winter 2020, Week 8: Behind-the-Back Handholds

Winter 2020, Week 4: Charleston

Winter 2020, Weeks 1-3: Review!
Please see our videos about 6- and 8-count basics.

Fall 2019, Week 9: 8-Count Walking & Pecking

Fall 2019, Week 8: Swing-Outs & Inside and Outside Turns

Fall 2019, Week 4: 8-Count Basic and Turns

Fall 2019, Weeks 2-3: 8-Count Basic and Turns

Fall 2019, Week 1: 6-Count Basic and Inside Turn