ucla swing dance club


The Swing Dance Club at UCLA has been involved in the Los Angeles swing dance community for over a decade.
Lindy-hop, East Coast, Balboa, Shag, and even blues enthusiasts are welcome!


We offer free, beginner-friendly swing dance lessons every (non-holiday) Monday of the UCLA quarter.
Our club meetings are on hiatus until the fall quarter due to campus closures and the spread of COVID-19. See our Master List for lessons and community building.
Lessons will be held from 8-9pm on the UCLA campus.
After each lesson, we will host a hour of free social dancing from 9-10pm.

Club Events

We offer workshops and guest teacher lessons throughout the year.
We also go to swing dancing venues almost every week and coordinate carpools.


We'd love to get your feedback! Feel free to respond to either form below.
To provide feedback regarding lessons, click here.
To provide feedback regarding all other matters, click here.


We've provided some miscellaneous recommendations based on what questions we've received in the past.
If you'd like a comprehensive list of shoe recommendations, click here.
We've also compiled a list of online resources besides our own lessons and workshops. Feel free to peruse our Master List.


Below, you'll find a map of the best parking spots near the UCLA campus,
with the John Wooden Center denoted by the start for reference.

All of the highlighted streets have free street parking near UCLA. Be mindful of parking signs and limitations!

UCLA parking structures are technically paid parking, but you will almost certainly find a spot.
Some spots require special permits but all of the structures should have visitor parking.

Other nearby parking structures are also available.
The Target/Ralph's parking structure is ideal and you can get 1 or 2 hours validated.
*Note that not all of our events are in the JWC.